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CradleSong Birthing provides music therapy and doula services in Los Angeles, California for expecting mothers, also known as Sound Birthing Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth or MTACB. In addition to providing musical, physical, emotional and educational support during the labor and delivery, CradleSong also offers ongoing prenatal and postnatal services and classes. Please see the OUR SERVICES section for a full listing of what we can provide. 

Our Philosophy

We believe in supporting the mother's decisions in order to provide her with the most positive birth experience possible. Medicated or unmedicated, breast or bottle, we feel every choice rests in the hands of the family. Our role is to use education, reflective listening, experience and care to make the decisions easier. Whether it be a home birth, a birthing center or a hospital, we strive to be an advocate for mother and baby to help them to have an empowering and joyful experience. 

What is Music Therapy? 

Simply put, music therapy is the use of music to achieve non-musical goals. At CradleSong, music therapists and doulas are trained in Sound Birthing Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth, (MTACB) and use music that has been shown to be safe and supportive for both mother and baby. The music is effective in every stage of labor and delivery, creating a safe container that holds the space for the wide range of emotions that can be experienced. Studies show that music can aid in relaxation, movement, sleep, guided imagery, distraction from pain, supporting natrual rhythms, releasing intense feeings and enhancing the most precious of moments. CradleSong is one of the few providers of Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth in Los Angeles. 

Music therapists are certified by the national board (CBMT), which is indicated by the letters MT-BC (Music Therapist Board Certified.) This certfication requiures a bachelors or masters in music therapy in addition to an 1,040 hour internship as well as 100 continuing education units per every 5 years. 

CBMT is the only organization to certify music therapists to practice music therapy nationally. Its MT-BC program has been fully accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) since 1986. Over 6,000 music therapists currently maintain the MT-BC credential, and participate in a program of recertification designed to measure or enhance competence in the profession of music therapy.

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Summer Lall, MT-BC

Summer Lall is a Board Certified Music Therapist, Sound Birthing Fellow and birth/postpartum doula. She obtained her Music Therapy degree from Berklee College of Music in Boston in 2008, and is the founder CradleSong Birthing and Rhythm and Truth Music Therapy and has over 15 years experience offering early childhood development music classes. As a music therapist, Summer is trained to work with children with all abilities and strengths, usinging music for communication, socialization, movement, cognition, emotional intelligence and self expression. In addition to her broad local outreach, music has taken her to over 20 countries, including Kenya, Vietnam, Jamaica and Brazil. Summer specializes in MTACB (Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth) and is continuously expanding her knowledge of the ever changing field of pregnancy and parenting. Personally, Summer is drawn to the realms of conscious living and earth based spirituality. She provides live musical support and facilitation for ceremonies, rites of passage, yoga classes, sound baths, drum circles, seasonal gatherings, celebrations, healing circles and rituals. When she is not practicing music therapy, Summer is writing, recording or performing with her band PWR CPL, hoping to inspire positive change through music however she can.

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