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Rite of Passage Ceremonies

We will work with you to co-create a powerful ceremony, marking life's sacred transitions. Some examples of Rites of Passage include moving from girl to woman (celebrating the arrival of a young person's moon time), maiden to mother (pregnancy blessings), birth (honoring the newborn), self-commitment / inner marriages, mother to crone (menopause) and transforming the physical body (celebration of life, memorials and honoring a loved one who has passed on.) Sound healing, drum circles, live music, chanting, toning and intentional playing can all be integrated. Ceremonies can be held at the beach, forest, desert or a private residence. 
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Children Playing Bongo Drums

Baby Shower Drum Circle

Do something different and FUN for the baby shower you are planning! Drum circles elevate mood and bring a greater sense of community and support and help to release stress and anxiety. It's a great way to celebrate Baby's coming, connecting with one another through rhythm, dance and song. From kids to grandmas, this is something everyone can enjoy, while always maintaining safe volume levels for little ears. All drums are provided and we come to you.


Sound Birthing: Prenatal Music Bonding

It's never too early to start communicating to your baby through music. Studies show that babies remember and have a preference for the songs they heard in utero. Hearing is one of the first senses to develop, making music a wonderful tool for connecting with your child before he/she is born.

Our Prenatal Music Bonding sessions implements the Sound Birthing approach. We use both live and recorded music to help mother, baby and partner all find a deep sense of relaxation, peace and calm. Specialized instruments are chosen for their soothing sounds, nature-like qualities and vibrations (which can be felt in the womb) in order to aid in stress release and decreasing anxiety. These may include buffalo drums, Native American flutes, tone chimes, singing bowls, xylophones, ocean drums, HAPI drums, gathering drums, and various percussion instruments. The music is designed to support the rhythm of the mother's resting heartbeat, the first drum pattern your child hears, helping to send a message of safety and security.

The most important instrument we use is YOUR voice. Studies show that your child recognizes and prefers your voices, no singing lessons needed! Children especially have a connection with the sound of their mother's voice, as they not only hear but also feel her speak and sing through the body vibrations while in utero. In addition to singing chants and lullabies, an opportunity to create a special womb song written for your child will be provided. Womb songs are a wonderful way to express your excitement and love for your baby and can be used well beyond pregnancy to help engender bonding, closeness, familiarity and a sense that all is well.

Our Prenatal Music Bonding classes meet weekly for 90 minutes. They can be done in a public or private group setting, or just with a single family at home. We recommend committing to at least 6 weeks, but you are welcome to attend as often as you are able, from conception until birth. Please contact us if you are interested in starting a new class or joining an existing one.

Paint Colors

Sound Birthing: Creative Arts Birthing

This workshop utilities the 8-session Sound Birthing

Creative Arts Birthing Childbirth program and is designed for couples during pregnancy in preparation for labor and birth. Participants will have a deepening experience of processing and connecting during the 8-session Sound Birthing Creative Arts Birthing Childbirth Program that emphasizes art, movement, music, imagery, and birthing techniques. This program addresses psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual preparation for birth through creative arts media. A basic overview of anatomy and physiology of pregnancy and birth, terminology, procedures, and birthing techniques are also provided.

Pregnant Woman by Birch

Sound Birthing: Birth Music Consultation

This service utilizes the two Sound Birthing Birth Music Consultation (BMC) packages depending on your specific needs. This is a great option for families who don't live in the greater Los Angeles area but still want to utilize music both prenatally and during labor. In person options are also available for families who live in Southern California but aren't able to have any additional support people present at their labor. 

Package #1 includes access to all the Sound Birthing Music Playlists and a single online or in person prenatal session to learn how to match the music to the stages of labor. 

Package #2 includes access to all the Sound Birthing Music Playlists and 4 online or in person sessions: 3 prenatal sessions and 1 postpartum session. This package includes guidance in how to use the music in the nightly practice sessions, select the best music during labor, create your own playlists, and write/record a womb song during pregnancy. The postpartum session provides an opportunity to tell your birth story. You will also be given the tools needed in order write specialized songs for feeding, changing, bathing and sleeping for your unique little one. 

Please contact us to find out if you are a candidate for BMC or if you would like a referral to a music therapist offering MTACB in your area.


Sound Birthing: Music Therapy Assisted ChildBirth

Cradlesong uses the Sound Birthing method to provide birth doula services in combination with MTACB (Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth) to give you the most comfortable, supported and positive birthing experience possible. The carefully designed Sound Birthing music playlists as well as the support of a doula has been linked to faster labors, a better chance of having a non-medicated birth as well as delivering vaginally, and most importantly, a more positive birth experience for mother, partner and child. This service also includes access to the nightly practice music Sound Birthing playlists, prenatal and postnatal meetings as well as a birth song written especially for your little one to be sung during pregnancy and at the time of birth.

Happy Mother with her Child

4th Trimester Music & Me

These are 12 week long group classes designed to be a place of support and connection for mothers and fathers. We will be using music in the most gentle and safe ways possible to help your baby's transition from the womb to the world to be smooth and successful. Methods for using music for relaxation, letdown, bottle or breastfeeding, daily routines, parent/baby bonding, playful interaction, expression and communication, movement and physical and mental growth will not only be taught but experienced hands on in each class. These sessions typically run 1 hour/week for 12 weeks and can be held in the comfort of your home or the home of a classmate.


CradleSong Kids

CradleSong offers public and private classes for early childhood. We use live music from well known to original songs to in the moment improvisation, incorporating your little one's creative imagination. Our music therapists are well trained in working with children with special needs as well as typically developing boys and girls, offering a plethora of instruments, signs, movements, sounds, songs & interactive musical interventions in daycares, community & religious centers, preschools & kindergartens as well as private homes. Our music sessions are individually tailored. Whether you're looking for a unique and exciting activity for your child's birthday party, weekly group music & me classes or 1:1 sessions, we collaborate with you to find the perfect fit. Although goals are specialized for each child, some general areas of focus are communication, socialization, gross and fine motor movement, cognitive development and parent/child bonding. These classes are thematic, fun and explorative!

Mother and Baby

Sponsor a Birth

CradleSong's mission is to be able to provide Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth to ALL families. This includes low-income families, minorities, teenage mothers, and women who have a history of trauma, abuse, addiction or incarceration. Becoming a mother is the great equalizer and we believe it is a tremendous way to bridge the societal gaps that divide us. Our vision is to celebrate diversity while striving for equality, one birth at a time. We are excited to announce the Sponsor a Birth program, where families now have the opportunity to donate music therapy services for a mother in need, from one parent to another. Please contact us if you would like to get involved. 

If you are interested in ongoing interventions, visit our sister website for more information about the wellness & recovery music therapy we provide for at-risk youth and high-need populations. 

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