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"My husband and I could not have found a more gentle, sincere, peaceful woman to support us in welcoming our son into the world. Summer's presence and aura made me feel safe and supported throughout many hours of labor and her knowledge of music threrapy assisted child birth (MTACB) techniques helped me stay grounded and focused. Many people forget that husbands are there and want to help but Summer made sure to support my husband as well and gave him wonderful guidance on how to keep me comfortable and calm. We highly recommend Summer!"


"There are two separate things that I loved about CradleSong Birthing. The first relates to the music. It makes your birth much more memorable if you listen to the music beforehand and then hear it again during pivotal moments during the birth. In fact, I afterward wished I had been even better about listening to the music during the pregnancy because those moments were so meaningful to me.  The second strength Summer, in particular, has as a doula is the fact that she is a completely supportive person. She does not have an agenda or a plan for your birth. She is truly there to support you in every moment. That means that whatever you decide she will support you and help make your birth a magical experience. It also means that if things don't go according to your plan, you will still feel happy that you had her presence and the music as a part of your birth experience. Summer knows when to fade away and let couples be alone together, as well as when to come forward and support the mother in a unique way. I am so grateful for her and for CradleSong Birthing."


"Before the birth of my first child, I was in search of a music therapist who provided music therapy assisted child birth. As a music therapist, I know firsthand the power of music and I really wanted to experience that during this important event. Summer’s services were recommended to me by another music therapist and she is the best! She is truly amazing and has a gift for her work as a doula and providing music therapy assisted childbirth. It is easy to see that she whole heartedly loves her work and cares deeply for the wellbeing of others.
I felt so relieved to have her as my guide through the birth of my first daughter. We met once before the event to choose music, choose aroma therapy scents and talk through preparation. She recommended a nightly routine for my husband and I to relax and bond with the baby. This really helped me prepare. She was also able to take a tour of the hospital with me so she knew the space that would be used and was able to ask the staff any questions she had to make the experience a successful one. She was always available if I had any follow up questions. Summer knew just how to assist me during each stage of labor and provided great direction to my Mother and my husband who were also assisting. The music that we preselected really helped me to focus as well as relax. I’m so thankful that she incorporated aromatherapy as it benefited everyone in the room. I really enjoyed meeting with Summer for the review of the birth at our closure session. It was wonderful to talk about the timeline of events that had occurred that day. She reminded me of things that I didn’t even remember. She is so wonderfully supportive and made sure I had all the resources I needed to be successful. I highly recommend Summer’s services to anyone!"


"I Just wanted to say a big thank you for providing an awesome family drum circle at (my son's) birthday party!!  It was a perfect activity to involve all the kids and adults/seniors, and everyone seemed to have such a fun time including myself!! (Which is not easy when hosting a party and constantly moving around.) It was a real treat for me to experience it with my kids and to see smiles on the faces of our family members having fun playing music together:))  It was just wonderful to have you there.  In addition, it meant a lot for us to have you at his first (birthday) as it brought me back the special memory of his birth and the joyous feeling I had at the first moment of meeting our baby. (In my memory, you and my husband and I were a team in delivering (my son) and it was just perfect how things turned out:). Thank you again for all your terrific support prior to and at his birth and for returning to us for his first birthday to help make it so memorable and special!!!


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